Holy Sites in Europe and the Middle East



Conference on Places of Worship and Holy Sites in Europe and the Middle East

Holy places can be sources of tensions which can affect the peaceful coexistence instead of fostering social plurality and diversity. Thus, the protection of holy sites is a matter of general interest and not only the concern of believers.

The international community needs to recognize that there is a particular right to manage holy sites, a right to own them, to gather there for religious purposes, and to perform religious ceremonies. This means that we are speaking about living heritage of holy places.

In recent history, some of CEC member churches face serious problems in getting and maintaining access to holy places. The Conference will explore key challenges relating to the legal protection of places of worship and challenges and opportunities in this area, including:

– Property rights
– Access
– Destruction of places of worship during armed conflict
– Shared and contested places of worship
– Places of worship and cultural heritage protection – challenges and opportunities
– Mixed regimes – regulating places of worship through religious and secular law
– Human Rights and Religious Worship Cultural Heritage

The conference aims at identifying effective means of engagement with policy makers and
will empower churches to produce a much needed agenda for change in this area.

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