Addressing injustices of the world – undeniable task of the churches

The Church and Society Commission (now merged with CEC) offered delegates to the upcoming WCC Assembly a space for the sharing of information and coordination. The meeting took place from 27 to 28 February in Brussels. Below are some documents relating to the meeting.


The World Council of Churches on the way towards its 10th Assembly
Dr.Guillermo Kerber & Rev. Dr. Daniel Buda – World Council of Churches

Challenge of economic and environmental justice from the perspective of CSC/CEC and European churches
OKR. Dr. Ulrich Möller – Evangelical Church of Westphalia

Rev. Dr. Raag Rolfsen – Church of Norway

Mr. Rob van Drimmelen APRODEV

Rev. Dr Peter Pavlovic – Church and Society Commission of CEC

Church and Society Commission – Task Force Globalisation

Expectations, hopes and concerns of European churches

The standpoint of social justice –  Czechoslovak Hussite Church

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