CCME Executive Committee meets in Brussels

The Executive Committee of the Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe (CCME) met recently in Brussels from 8 to 10 May.

The committee developed future plans such as advocacy issues to be taken up with the incoming new European Parliament and European Commission, in particular safe passages and issues around dignified return procedures.

The CCME Executive Committee discussed event planning and fundraising in the areas of “being church together” and justice issues for Roma in church and society.

The committee also stressed the need to revise the CCME articles of association in view of current and prior changes to Belgian legislation, as CCME office is based in Belgium, and to convene an extraordinary general assembly of CCME in Brussels in June 2020.

The committee also made plans for CCME’s next ordinary general assembly to be held around Brussels, also in June 2020, in connection with the extraordinary general assembly.

Detailed information will be made available to the CCME members in July 2019.

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