CEC congratulates Dr Azza Karam, new Secretary General of Religions for Peace

CEC President Rev. Christian Krieger congratulates Dr Azza Karam, who has been elected as new Secretary General of the World Conference of Religions for Peace at its 10th Assembly, held in Lindau, Germany.

“We welcome Dr Azza Karam in this new role, and convey our heartiest congratulations to her. We hope to continue CEC’s collaboration with the Religions for Peace under her very able leadership,” said Rev. Krieger.

CEC is member of the UN Inter-Agency Task Force on Religion and Development. In that capacity CEC has developed fruitful cooperation with it’s coordinator Dr Azza Karam, who is as well senior Adviser at UN Population Fund (UNFPA) and professor for religion and Development at Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Dr Azza Karam has served as the senior advisor on social and cultural development at the United Nations Population Fund, working with faith-based partners. She was also the senior policy research advisor at the United Nations Development Program in the Regional Bureau for Arab States, where she coordinated the Arab Human Development Reports.

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