CALL Network

Church Action on Labour and Life (CALL) Network

CALL is a Europe-wide network that seeks to address employment and related economic and social issues. It does so from the perspective of Christian theology and a Christian way of life. It seeks to promote a Christian viewpoint in debates about European economic and social policies.

The aims of CALL include:

  • Campaigning on economic and employment issues in Europe
  • Networking on economic and employment issues in Europe
  • Exchanging expertise among members
  • Empowering people on economic and employment issues

The CALL coordination team reflects on the effects of digitalisation on society and workplace, especially during the COVID-19 times.

Recently CALL issued a statement on 12 June 2020, titled Digitalisation and the future of work and social relations: Social and climate-friendly choices are timely. The statement is also available in German and Italian.  This statement follows the work of a CALL Network Conference in Berlin on “Digitalisation and the Future of Work and Social Relations, held in 2018.” Please click here for related documents and resources.

CALL Webinars: Wellbeing of Digitalized Societies and Work Place

CALL Network will hold a series of webinars titled “CALL Talks” to reflect on theme “Wellbeing of Digitalized Societies and Work Place”. Learn more and register

Upcoming Event: Wellbeing of Digitalized Societies and Work Place

CALL Network will hold a conference on “Wellbeing of Digitalized Societies and Work Place” in 2022 at Cultural Center Saint-Thomas in Strasbourg. Read more

Related Resources:

The World of Work 4.0: Theses of the KDA Federal Committee on Work and Technology

For more information on our work in this area, please email Albrecht Knoch

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