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Young stewards in Novi Sad

The Stewards’ Programme is an ecumenical experience for young adults in Europe participating in 2018 General Assembly in Novi Sad, Serbia. The programme develops ecumenical formation and understanding of church relations in Europe among youth.

Stewards play a special role in the smooth running of the General Assembly by assisting in areas of work such as common prayer, communications, language services and floor management.

A short ecumenical formation programme held before the Assembly provides stewards, as well as youth advisors, to engage in a robust exchange of knowledge related to the churches and ecumenical movement in Europe.

This programme runs from 28 May to 6 June 2018.

What is unique about this programme?

The Stewards Programme will ensure a vibrant participation of young adults at the General Assembly. These participants will not only enrich dialogue at the Assembly from diverse youth perspectives, but will help set directions of the ecumenical future.

The Youth Pre-Assembly event will prepare young participants for a special plenary of young adults that will take place during the Assembly bringing together Christian youth from Europe active in the churches and society.

Who is eligible to apply?

Young people aged between 18 and 30 with a strong interest in the ecumenical work are eligible to apply! Sufficient knowledge of English combined with motivation and enthusiasm to work for long hours in a diverse team is required.

Who covers the expenses?

CEC will be responsible for board and lodging expenses and will provide pocket money during the programme. Travel costs, passport, visa and other personal expenses are to be borne by the steward. Applicants are requested to apply to their home church, local parish and/or diocese, and National Council of Churches for funding. In case they fail to raise funds, they should contact CEC.


After the General Assembly stewards are expected to implement an ecumenical project related to the theme of the Assembly in their local church and/or academic community. Proposals for projects will be discussed during the Stewards Programme.

How to apply?

The application is made through an online form. When applying following documents are helpful to have at hand:

1. A scanned copy of passport or national identity card.

2. A scanned copy of a letter of recommendation from a church or ecumenical organisation based in Europe.

Please click here to begin your application. [1]

If you are unable to complete the online application for some reason or have other questions please contact us at stewards2018@cec-kek.be

When is the deadline to submit applications?

Deadline to submit applications is 14 January 2018.