Klima-Kollekte recognises CEC efforts for CO2 compensation

Klima-Kollekte, a carbon offset fund of Christian churches has officially recognised CEC’s efforts for CO2 compensation in its activities for 2019. “The climate protection contributions dispersed through KlimaKollekte support people in countries of the Global South, who are particularly affected by climate change,” said Rev. Dr Peter Pavlovic, CEC Study Secretary.

“These contributions go into projects that combine climate protection and development cooperation,” he added.

CEC offsets the emissions generated by CEC flights in 2019. According to the price of one tonne CO2 amounting to 23 Euro, CEC gave 3,840.00 euro for the climate protection projects of the Klima-Kollekte, thus, the generated flight emissions were offset.

Klima-Kollekte is a carbon offset fund of churches that offsets the emissions of organisations, institutions, companies and individuals. The compensation contribution flows into climate protection projects in emerging and developing countries in the areas of renewable energies and energy efficiency. The projects not only serve to protect the climate, but also help combat poverty locally and implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

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