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  • 14 Jun, 2017

    CEC Governing Board meets in Serbia, continues preparation for Novi Sad Assembly

    The Conference of European Churches Governing Board recently travelled to Belgrade for its regular meeting. Much of their time together was devoted to preparations for the next CEC General Assembly, which will take place in Novi Sad from 30 May to 6 June 2018 and has already attracted national attention in Serbia.

  • 12 Jun, 2017

    Commemorating lives lost on the way to safety

    Since 2000, more than 30 000 migrants and refugees have lost their lives on their way to Europe, often drowning at sea or suffocating in containers on trucks and ships. Churches throughout Europe have responded through intensive solidarity and humanitarian efforts at Europe’s borders and by advocating for safe and legal passage.

  • 23 May, 2017

    GETI’17: Transforming the future of ecumenical theology

    The Global Ecumenical Theological Institute (GETI) with a European focus is off to a spirited start. Just some days ago, more than 130 theological students from all around the world made their way to Berlin for two weeks of engagement with established and up-and-coming scholars and church leaders.

  • 22 May, 2017

    CEC, WCC decry Manchester bombing

    The Conference of European Churches and the general secretary of the World Council of Churches, Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, have strongly condemned a bombing in Manchester, United Kingdom, that has left 22 persons dead and another five-dozen wounded. The attack took place at Manchester Stadium, just as thousands of children and young people, along with their parents and many others, were leaving a pop concert.

  • 17 May, 2017

    GETI’17: The Global Ecumenical Theological Institute comes to Berlin

    The Global Ecumenical Theological Institute (GETI) with a European focus comes to Berlin from 19 May to 1 June 2017. The intensive programme brings together 130 theological students from 58 countries, all the way from Australia to Zambia. This diversity is only amplified by the diverse fields of study, Christian traditions, languages and cultures represented among the faculty and student body.

  • 15 May, 2017

    Turn it up! Amplifying the Christian voice in a secular Europe

    From 20 to 22 September the Conference of European Churches is hosting a conference and networking event for European church and ecumenical communicators and journalists.

  • 15 May, 2017

    Faith Communities and Environmental Activism: ECEN Consultation to take place in Edinburgh

    The European Christian Environmental Network (ECEN), together with The University of Edinburgh and United Kingdom Arts and Humanities Research Council, is hosting a three-day symposium on the relationship between faith communities and environmental activism. The event takes place in Edinburgh from 18 to 20 May and brings together faith-based environmentalists and researchers to discuss the beliefs, cultures, and traditions that propel action for social change.

  • 8 May, 2017

    Europe Day: Strengthening harmony and cooperation

    In early May the European Union and Council of Europe celebrate their respective Europe Days, promoting peace and unity on the continent. The day also celebrates foundational European values, including liberty, human rights and equality, which have fueled political reforms throughout the world.

  • 17 Apr, 2017

    Young Serbs and Croats in Brussels: “We had enough”

    During Holy Week from 10-14 April 2017 young adults of the Serbian minority in Croatia and of the Croatian minority in Serbia visited the European institutions. The programme included several mediation sessions which were facilitated by the Quaker Council for European Affairs.