Porvoo Communion of Churches Keys to Inter Faith Engagement

The churches in the Porvoo Communion produced Guidelines for Inter Faith Encounter at a conference in Oslo in November-December 2003. These guidelines were further developed at a major Interfaith Engagement Consultation in Gothenburg in March 2011. The purpose of this updated resource is to enable people to consider the situation where they live and engage locally with their neighbours from different faith/belief communities to support and develop Inter Faith engagement locally.

Please click here for the PDF version of the Guidelines for Inter Faith Encounter. 

The Porvoo Communion is a Communion of churches, mostly in Northern and Western Europe, that have signed an agreement to “share a common life in mission and service”. The churches that originally signed the agreement are The Evangelical-Lutheran Churches of Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland, and the Anglican churches: Church of England and of Ireland, Church in Wales and the Scottish Episcopal Church. Two Anglican churches from South Europe also belong to the Porvoo Communion. They are the Lusitanian Church in Portugal and the Reformed Episcopal Church of Spain. The name Porvoo comes  from Porvoo Cathedral in Finland where the Eucharist was celebrated on the final Sunday of the conversations leading to the Common Statement and thus finally to the Porvoo Communion.


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