Ecclesiology and Mission

Ecclesiology and Mission runs through all CEC work. In this area, we give special emphasis to theological reflection on the challenges facing the churches of Europe, to dialogue, and encounters among Member Churches and National Councils of Churches. Our work in this area also focusses on the relationship between minority and majority churches. The foundation for all work in this area is the Charta Œcumenica.

Charta Œcumenica is a joint document of CEC and the Council of European Bishops’ Conferences (CCEE) signed by presidents of the two organisations in 2001. The document seeks to preserve and develop fellowship among churches. Click here to learn more and read responses to the Charta Œcumenica presented by our Member Churches, National Councils of Churches and Organisations in Partnership.

For the period of 2015 to 2018, work in this area focused on the following themes:

    • Evaluating the impact of the Charta Œcumenica
    • Responding to growing secularism
    • Commemorating the Reformation from an ecumenical perspective.
    • Theological education

In this context following documents were issued:

The Church – Towards a Common Vision – A response based on the Consultation on Migration and Ecclesiology – Being Church in Europe Today. The consultation was held in 2016, Copenhagen organised by CEC, Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe and the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Denmark.

Also learn about the “Reformation and the making of Ecclesial Identities” seminar, organised by CEC in November 2017.

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