CALL Policy Paper on Good Work

In the last 4 years the CALL working group has worked on the phenomenon of precarious work in Europe. At the CALL Assembly in Rome 2014 its policy paper on Good Work was adopted. The concept of Good Work explains the dignity of work for the human being and establishes criteria to identify good work and to unveil precarious work, which is threatening affected people and also society as a whole. The CALL working group has also developed ideas and materials for churches and parishes how to engage for Good Work and to public debate the reality of precarious work.

Below are a short invitation letter for action, proposals and ideas to plan a public event and debate, materials for services on the topic and two cards to raise awareness.

Policy Paper on Good Work (A4, PDF)
Policy Paper on Good Work (A5, PDF)
Policy Paper on Good Work (Italian, PDF)
Policy Paper on Good Work (French, PDF)

Invitation Letter (PDF)
Planning Local Action (PDF)
Action travail digne – Invitation à une action locale (PDF) 
Materials for Services (PDF)

Awareness Card One (PDF)
Awareness Card Two (PDF)
Awareness Card Three (A5, PDF)
Carte de sensibilisation 1(A5, PDF)
Carte de sensibilisation 2 (JPG)
Awareness Card One (double-sided, Italian, PDF)
Awareness Card Two (single-sided, Italian, PDF)

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