CEC shares Christian perspectives in dialogue on reconciliation

Conference on reconciliation in Sarajevo. Photo: Reset DOC Dialogues on Civilizations

In a multi-faith setting, CEC Executive Secretary Katerina Pekridou for theological dialogue contributed Christian perspectives on reconciliation in a conference held from 15 to 16 September 2022 in Sarajevo.

Organised by the Reset Dialogues, the Faculty of Islamic Studies, University of Sarajevo, and the Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy, Boston College, the conference addressed the theme “Getting to Reconciliation: A Comparative Perspective”.

The conference discussed how social, religious and political communities foster genuine and lasting reconciliation. While discussing reconciliation after political and ethno-nationalist conflict, participants spoke about viable paths to achieving reconciliation, by way of civil society and social movements, via diplomacy, truth commissions and official declarations.

The speakers also reflected on the complementary role for theology in the process of reconstructing identity. The event discussed how communities may have a capacity for transformation but lack the scholarly resources. They reflected on how can societies go forward while acknowledging and preserving memories of exile, forced conversion, war or genocide. The conference eventually identified practical paths to achieving forgiveness and thus moving on.

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