GETI’17: Transforming the future of ecumenical theology

Press Release No: 17/20
24 May 2017

GETI’17: Transforming the future of ecumenical theology 

The Global Ecumenical Theological Institute (GETI) with a European focus is off to a spirited start. Just some days ago, more than 130 theological students from all around the world made their way to Berlin for two weeks of engagement with established and up-and-coming scholars and church leaders.

A diverse programme mixing self-directed learning, off-site experiences, and dialogue with leading voices in ecumenical theology is already yielding fruitful exchange among faculty and students.

GETI offers a rare opportunity for theological students to mix with others from such a broad range of cultures and Christian traditions. Faculty members come from equally diverse backgrounds and are enjoying the transformative moments of the programme. “It offers participants a unique space in which to go deeper in theological matters and to develop friendships across ecclesial lines,” remarked Dr C. Rosalee Velloso Ewell, principal of Redcliff College (United Kingdom) who serves as co-dean and faculty member at GETI’17. “These friendships reflect the breadth and splendour of Christian people from all over the world.”

Throughout their time together, students will work on developing constructive ecumenical theology that both commemorates the ideals of the Reformation and addresses the crises facing life in Europe today.

“Their horizons are widened and they experience in a non-threatening way that they are on a journey together,” noted Dr. Jean-Daniel Pluess, GETI’17 faculty and chairman of the European Pentecostal Charismatic Research Association. “All in all, the students are encouraged in their calling to be the church together.”

Every aspect of the two-week intensive programme is meant to foster lifelong connections and revitalize work for unity among the world’s Christian traditions. “GETI’17 has brought together an amazing group of young theologians from around the world with a wellspring of passion and excitement,” reflected Rev. Dr Anderson Jeremiah of the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion, University of Lancaster. “It is heartening to see honest, graceful and sympathetic conversations around some difficult issues that divides us as a Church. Ecumenism is still alive and GETI’17 is a testimony to it.”

GETI’17 continues until 1 June in Berlin. For daily updates, please follow activity on its Facebook page.

The Global Ecumenical Theological Institute (GETI) is a global ecumenical short-term study and exposure programme for advanced students of theology. The first GETI was organised by the Ecumenical Theological Education Programme (ETE) of the World Council of Churches and held in parallel with the World Council of Churches General Assembly in Busan (South Korea) in 2013. Next year, the ETE is planning the Global Ecumenical Theological Institute 2018, which takes place in Arusha (Tanzania) in accompaniment of the World Mission Conference.

To learn more about GETI’17 and the number of partners who came together in support of the project, please visit its website.

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