Human Rights Education

The Conference of European Churches Human Rights Manual is written specifically for churches that want to strengthen commitment, and to involve more people in the promotion of human rights through training. It draws on the wealth of experience and knowledge accumulated by churches of different confessions and context from all over Europe.

It is also published in Serbian. To order print copies of the manual and its companion CD on human rights training, please email Dr Elizabeta Kitanovic.

Introduction – Rev Rüdiger Noll & Mag Elizabeta Kitanovic

  1. Human Rights – Why do they matter for the Churches?– Very Rev. Dr. Georges Tsetsis
  2. Facing God’s image – Christian Churches and the idea of Human Rights– Bishop Martin Schindehütte
  3. The Bible and Human Rights– Rev. Anthony Peck
  4. The Fundamental Right to Freedom of Religion (Freedom of belief)– Dr. Peter Krömer    Read the unabridged text in German
  5. Interpretation of Human Rights in the light of the Church Fathers– Very Rev. Prof. Dr. Vladan Perisic
  6. The Churches’ Engagement in Human Rights– Dennis Frado
  7. Human Rights within the Churches– Rev. Dr. Marjory MacLean
  8. Non-discrimination Legislation and Church (Labour) Law within the EKD, its Member Churches and Organisations– Rev. Patrick-Roger Schnabel
  9. The Universality of Human Rights and Different Cultures and Traditions– OKR’in Katharina Wegner
  10. The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe– Dr. Simona Santoro
  11. Moving from the house of fear to the house of love – Mr. Frank Kantor
  12. 9/11 – the End of Human Rights? Security vs Human Rights?– Prof. Malcolm Evans
  13. “Justice and Peace embrace each other” – Human Rights and Conflict Situations– Mr. David Stevens
  14. Instrumentalisation / Politicisation of Human Rights (Double Standards)– Dr. Göran Gunner
  15. Rights of the Individual and the Common Good– Rev. Dr. Theodor Angelov
  16. A brief introduction to Social Rights– Ms Diane Murray
  17. Human Rights as a Challenge to the Churches: protecting human dignity by promoting human rights and the rule of law– Dr. Jochen Motte
  18. How can Churches help to promote and implement Human Rights?– Rev. John Murray

Human Rights Material for Training, Workshops and Seminars

CEC Human Rights Material for Training, Workshops and Seminars (on CD)

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