Panel on “Migration and Global Citizenship” in Bologna

CEC has recently organised a panel on “Migration and Global Citizenship” at the European Academy of Religion – Annual Conference 2019. The event was held on 6 March 2018 in Bologna, Italy.

The panel was moderated by Katerina Pekridou, CEC Executive Secretary for Theological Dialogue, and the speakers included Dr Alessia Passareli, Study Center Confronti, Mr Georgios Vlantis, Director of the Council of Churches (ACK) in Bavaria, Mr Nikos Vasilopoulos, Panteion University, Athens and Ms Giulia Dalmonte, World Student Christian Federation – Europe.

The topics explored at the event were Christian identity and citizenship, experiences of migrants in Germany, conversions stories of Afghan and Iranian refugees in Athens, reclaiming identity and citizenship, gender and migration: importance of the stories of women and people with different sexual orientations fleeing violence and persecution.

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