What Future for Europe?

European Union flags outside the European Commission building in BrusselsAn Open Letter and Consultation

Outcomes of the Consultation

Outcomes of the Regional Consultations

As part of the broader consultation and process that led to the 2018 Novi Sad General Assembly, the Conference of European Churches hosted a series of regional consultations across Europe.

Open Letter: What Future for Europe?

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About the Consultation

At its regular meeting from 8 to 10 June 2016 in Brussels, the Conference of European Churches Governing Board approved an open letter addressed to its members and partners on the current situation in Europe, where we are facing an increasing number of challenges. Developments in Europe toward more unity and cooperation, so much appreciated some decades ago, are now increasingly put into doubt. Churches in many parts of the continent have been contributing to the European project at different stages by raising their voice, highlighting the role of churches in society, emphasising the role of churches and ethics and values, reaching beyond economic well being. At this crucial moment, we invite all to the discussion on the future of Europe and the role of the churches in the process. Although the EU has a special role and responsibility for the continent, we are aware that Europe is much more than the EU.

This letter launched a broad process of consultation between CEC and its membership leading to the 2018 Novi Sad General Assembly. Many Member Churches, Organisations in Partnership, and National Councils of Churches participated in this process through a variety of means. Some have written responses, others have invited Conference of European Churches leadership to ecumenical conferences, while still others have held group discussions and consultations. Throughout 2017, we hosted a series of regional consultations to further this process and develop a truly European response to our common challenges.

All of us have a word to say on the future of the continent and in shaping Europe as our common home.

For more information, please contact CEC Study Secretary Peter Pavlovic.