Turn it up!

Please click here for the draft schedule of the conference.

From 20 to 22 September the Conference of European Churches is hosting a conference and networking event for European church and ecumenical communicators and journalists. We will gather at the Maison du Protestantisme in Paris, thanks to the hospitality of CEC Member Churches Federation of Evangelical Baptist Churches in France and the French Protestant Federation.

The theme of the conference—Turn it up!—speaks to the challenges we all face in communicating Christian perspectives in an increasingly secular and multicultural Europe. We will discuss political, theological, and sociological aspects of this milieu and work together to develop constructive responses. We will be joined by church leaders, scholars, and journalists working directly on issues relating to the coverage of religion in Europe.

This conference will give participants the opportunity to learn and develop best practices for their home contexts, to learn more about a pan-European issue, and to connect with other professionals working in their field. All of this will happen against the backdrop of the French national context, in wake of its recent elections, and long standing history of state laïcité.

For more information, please email CEC Communication Coordinator Henrik Hansson at hhansson@cec-kek.be.