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Ceasefire brokered for Ukraine, CEC prays for lasting peace

Press Release No. 15/06
12 February 2015

The Conference of European Churches, along with many political and religious institutions across Europe, expresses its relief at the announcement of a ceasefire in Ukraine.

After 16 hours of negotiations in Belarus, the political leadership of Russia and Ukraine along with France and Germany brokered a ceasefire deal that will come into effect on 15 February.

The ceasefire comes after many months of violent and divisive confrontations in the eastern part of the country. It will see the removal of heavy weapons, progress towards disarmament and withdrawal of foreign militias, and—by the end of this calendar year—Ukrainian control of its border with Russia.

The Conference of European Churches has monitored the situation in Ukraine from the first signs of unrest. Throughout the conflict CEC has expressed solidarity with Ukrainian people and called for an end to polarising interference in Ukrainian society. It is the hope of CEC that this ceasefire represents a respite from bloodshed and a pathway toward lasting peace.

“In these first hours and days of a ceasefire, we pray for the roots of a lasting peace to take hold in Ukraine,” remarked CEC General Secretary Guy Liagre, “It is our deepest hope that wisdom and diplomacy reign in months ahead, and that the people of Ukraine come to enjoy stability and security in their land.”

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