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The Conference of European Churches employs a diverse staff team with a range of experience, education, and church background. We are always happy to hear from our constituency about our work. Please contact the staff person working in the area related to your inquiry.

General Secretariat

Dr Jørgen Skov Sørensen (Brussels)
General Secretary
e-mail: Dr Jørgen Skov Sørensen [1]

Ms Véronique Engels (Brussels)
Assistant to the General Secretary 
e-mail: Ms Véronique Engels [1]
+32 (0)2 234 68 34


Ms Naveen Qayyum (Brussels)
Communications Officer
e-mail: Ms Naveen Qayyum [3]

Executive Staff

Dr Elizabeta Kitanovic (Brussels)
Executive Secretary
Work area: Human rights
e-mail: Dr Elizabeta Kitanovic [4]

Ms. Lena Kumlin (Brussels)
Senior EU Policy Advisor seconded by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland
Work area: Churches’ advocacy, dialogue between the EU and churches
e-mail: Ms. Lena Kumlin [5]

Rev. Sören Lenz (Strasbourg)
Executive Secretary
Work areas: Bioethics, human rights, engagement with EU institutions
e-mail: Rev. Sören Lenz [6]

Rev. Dr Peter Pavlovic (Brussels)
Study Secretary 
Work areas: Economic and ecological justice, EU integration, and sustainable development
e-mail: Rev. Dr Peter Pavlovic [7]

Ms. Katerina Pekridou (Brussels)
Executive Secretary 
Work areas: Theological dialogue, ecclesiology, and mission
e-mail: Ms. Katerina Pekridou [8]


Mr. Georgios Maglis (Brussels)
Head of Finance, Administration and Payroll
e-mail: Mr. Georgios Maglis [9]


Ms Vanessa Barreto (Brussels)
Administrative Assistant
e-mail: Ms Vanessa Barreto [10]

Ms Barbara Weber (Strasbourg)
Administrative Assistant 
e-mail: Ms Barbara Weber [11]

Associated Staff

Rev. John Murray (Strasbourg)
e-mail: Rev. John Murray [12]